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Kamis, 25 September 2008

David Blaine Levitation

I must start out by saying how impressed I am constantly with David Blaine's performance. His ability to suggest that his own might and mental power allows him to perform such acts is by far one of the best out there period. I recall seeing him in before he became big and I have to say, I think he has changed. He seems to almost believe himself that he has these powers, nor does he remind others that its just a trick anymore. As a performer I think he is outstanding, but many believe his "powers" are real. I am going to show you one case where it is just an act; a very good act.

David Blaine made a name for himself by doing a levitation in front of spectators impromtu. Actually there was 2 different levitations performed. On was impromtu the other involves a complex gimmick and the audience was aware of it. Rumor has it that the David told the audience that he was going to perform a levitation and then allowed them to see the gimmick but stated that "this is one way a magician could perform a levitation". Then on the television show, you saw both combined in some scenes. Its clear that there are 2 different levitations, but they cut out certain parts of the 2nd levitation. We will not cover the second levitation since that is a great stage act and magicians pay big money for that secret, but we will cover the first one.

The main impromtu levitation performed is called Balducci Levitation, named after Ed Balducci. This levitation is great in the sense that it requires no wires, no gadgets, no gimmick whatsoever. It can be performed anywhere and anytime. Here is how it goes:

1. Stand 8-10 feet in front of your spectators facing away and at a 45 degree angle.
2. Be sure to keep the amount of spectators small and together. I like to tell them I might fall back and get them to stand together to catch me.
3. With the foot that is farthest away from the spectators, push up on your toe, lifting your body.
4. As you are doing this, its is important to keep your other foot parallel with the ground.
5. Hold yourself up just for a brief second or two before you let yourself down.
6. Also, you should act like you are exhausted or it took allot of effort. Personally, my act is more of the "accidental" route. In my actions, I perform as if its happening beyond my control. You should take time to decide and practice your own act.
7. When you come down, do it in a way that exaggerates your weight. You want to appear as you were light as a feather and in a split second, that lightness is gone.

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