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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

1 to 52


A spectator selects a card and inserts it into the deck. The magician asks for a number '1 to 52'. After the number has been told to everyone the magician deals that many cards off of the top onto the table. Upon turning the card over it is obvious that some mistake was made. The magician then puts the cards back onto the deck and allows the spectator to repeat this action. To there surprise they have found their card.


Card Controlling


Fan the cards out for selection. After the card has been selected and returned to deck, use any method you like to control it to the top. Then ask the spectator to think of any number from 1 to 52. Deal that many cards off of the top on to the table. The card that comes up will obviously not be their card, but their card will be on the bottom of the packet dealt on the table.

Now pretend to show disbelief that the trick has failed. Place the face down packet from the table onto the deck, their card will now be at the lucky number.

Offer the deck to them, and have the same actions repeated by the spectator. They will find their card at the number they have chosen.

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