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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

4 Card Mind Control


A magician displays a deck of cards (or borrows one from someone) and shows them to a spectator. He asks the spectator to shuffle the deck and pick out any 4 cards of their choice. The spectator picks four random cards and gives them to the magician, then asks the spectator, 'What is your favourite card out of these 4?' The spectator chooses the two of spades (for example). The magician turns the four cards face down on the table and asks the spectator to mix the cards without looking, and asks them to believe that they know where their card is while the magician's back is turned. The magician turns around, looks at the cards and is then going to get a mental thought of which face down card is the 2S.

The magician shows his palm to the spectator and says 'I want you to look at my palm and visualize as if you know where the 2S is'. The magician takes his hand, puts it on a card and flips it over showing the correct card, despite the cards being mixed so neither magician nor spectator knew where the card was!




A deck of cards is shuffled by a spectator and any amount of random cards are chosen, they are asked which card is their favourite out of the cards chosen and the 2S is their card. Before the magician gives the 4 cards to the spectator, he crimps (bends) the 2S secretly, but just a little bit, not to make it too obvious, and tells the spectator to mix the cards up with their eyes closed while the magician turns around.

After the cards are mixed and face down, the magician is going to get a mental thought of the card that is the 2S and asks the spectator to think really hard as if they know the spot of the card. The magician puts his hand down on the cards to feel for the slight little bent he made earlier on the one card so that he knows what card is the right one to flip over.

Advice: When you tell the spectator to pick their favourite card out of the four, ask them if they are sure they want that card and tell them that it is a totally free selection and that you're not trying to influence them in anyway. Make sure that when you say all of this, your bending the chosen card without them knowing anything.

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