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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Ace Change Monte


The performer shows three aces and lets the spectator hold them. The magician asks a different viewer to choose a separate card, which is then lost in the deck. The two red aces and one black ace is placed at the bottom of the pack. The aces are dealt out on the spectator's hands face down, and the spectator is asked to guess where the black ace is. The two red aces are shown but the black ace has turned miraculously into the spectator's chosen card!

Card controlling


1. Remove from the deck, two red aces and one black ace.
2. Ask the spectator to hold the aces. Next, ask a different spectator to pick a different card from the deck. Have him/her place their card on top, and control it to the bottom using the Hindu shuffle.
3. With the spectator's card at the bottom, keep the deck face down at all times. Next, take the black ace from the spectator and put it on the bottom first (face down) and then place the next two red aces on the bottom one by one (face down).
4. Show that the aces are on the bottom. Deal the red aces (face down) on the spectator's hand and when you come to the black ace, perform the glide and deal their card (face down) on top of the red aces.
5. Remove the packet from the spectator's hands in addition to the top card (chosen card) and put it in the middle of the two aces. However, the spectator thinks that you are putting the black ace in the middle of the two red aces.
6. Fan the three cards, and ask the spectator to guess where the black ace is. The spectator will choose the middle one.
7. Announce that they are wrong, and show that it has changed into their chosen card!

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